5 Reasons EDM Producers Should Choose Studio One



5 Reasons EDM Producers Should Choose Studio One

I was asked by the esteemed online music school nextlevelsound.com if I could write a blog post giving 5 reasons why any EDM producer should consider Studio One. When starting to think about it I realized it was impossible to only mention 5 reasons so I asked if I could write a series of blogposts instead. But the theme will always be 5 reasons or features why you should consider Studio One.

This time I will be looking at 5 features that make it easy to start a new track idea with Studio One. One small disclaimer though, some of the features I will mention require the Pro version of Studio One.

1. Arranger track

When I start a new track it can sometimes feel overwhelming. We all know how easy it is to come up with an 8 bar killer idea and then after hearing the same loop for 4 hours you don't like the idea anymore and you try to come up with a new 8 bar idea and the process repeats itself.

What I do is that I...

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