How to Render Multitimbral Instruments in Cubase

How to Render Multitimbral Instruments in Cubase

I think you will agree with me when I tell you that rendering third-party virtual multitimbral instruments is way more complicated than it should be in Cubase, especially, when creating individual mono audio files. Instruments are considered multitimbral when they have more than just the one main stereo output.

At maximum VST instruments can have up to 16 stereo outputs or a combination of at least one stereo and up to 30 mono outputs depending on the instruments default settings.

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How to Customize Native Instruments Battery Output Settings

Let's talk about Native Instruments Battery Engine Output Settings, for example, which when customizing default to a minimum of 4 stereo outputs when trying to activate mono outputs. This setting cannot be changed.

Set Preferences for NI Battery Audio Outputs

NI Battery preferences settings

[ NI Battery preferences settings ]

Activate Outputs for NI Battery

NI Battery activate output settings

[ NI Battery activate output settings ]

When rendering...

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Cubase DSP Optimization

Cubase DSP Optimization - Maximize Your CPU's Performance in Cubase

Experiencing Issues During Playback in Cubase

Don't we all know it when we are in a middle of creating or mixing a song, and all of a sudden weird audio artifacts start occurring up to the point where the audio drops out for seconds which makes it impossible to finish any work? This can be so frustrating that it will drive you crazy. Just figuring out what causes it can take forever. So I decided to share some tips and tricks on how to optimize your workflow in Cubase so that you can focus on what's most important "Making Music".

In Cubase, you can see the Audio Performance window by pressing F12. This allows you to check for any performance issues in your DAW. When the Real-time Peak (bottom color bar in the image below) spikes to its max, that's when you hear the artifacts or audio dropouts.
Cubase Audio Performance Window
[ Audio Performance Window ]

The amount of calculations...

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