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Course Outline

Join us for a magical journey to the world of Sound Design and Synthesis as it applies to modern electronic music…. While using some of the most popular and relevant sound design tools available today, this course is designed to provide you with portable knowledge and techniques that can be applied and used with the instruments of today and tomorrow. The goal of this course is to instill in you the concepts and practical application of custom sound design techniques and skills all in the effort to help propel your music to the next level.

week 1  Subtractive Synthesis I

week 2  Subtractive Synthesis II

week 3  Wavetable Synthesis I

week 4  Wavetable Synthesis II

week 5  FM Synthesis I

week 6  FM Synthesis II

week 7  The Sampler I

week 8  The Sampler II


Live Online Trainings Start September 19th, 2018.

Classes meet once a week each LIVE ONLINE Wednesday at 8 pm - 8:50 pm EST

All classes are recorded for viewing on demand.

Hi There!

My love affair with electronic music spawned from the creativity and uniqueness of the sounds that my favorite tracks used.
In my mind, each sound equated to a unique character created for the story being told and each synthesis method to the colors on a painter’s palette for the big picture.
I consider sound design and synthesis to be the hallmark and possibly the most vital element to the music production process.
Gaining my education in it thru one of the world’s top traditional and academic synthesis and sound design programs, I am well aware of the strengths and shortcomings of the different approaches that are out there.
So, I wanted to create something new and special to be enjoyed by all
My goal with this course is to provide a fresh, modern, and fun approach to sound design and synthesis that will help you transform the sounds in your imagination to a reality 

See you soon.


-Senior Instructor/Course Designer

Emmy-nominated Producer/Sound Designer/Educator





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"Chris Petti is the A-List of music production educators."


""Chris is by far the best sound design teacher on the planet. I am so glad he's at next level sound. It completes the picture."


"Chris Petti has been changing the game for over 10 years....and he helped me get charting! "


Frequently Asked Questions

All courses are available as LIVE trainings or Self-Study Video on-demand courses.  The content is exactly the same.

LIVE training session are 50 minutes.

Yes.  All Core Course students (both LIVE training participants and Self-Study Students may attend a weekly LIVE feedback for works in progress and Q and A sessions at all of the Departments Live Open Office Hours .

All Trainings are recorded and posted daily to the private online classroom for review.  Usually within 24 hours.

You have Instant Lifetime Access as soon as you sign up!

You get Lifetime Access to Over 200 hours of up-to-date video content available instantly upon purchase.

No.  We have a strict no refund policy. That being said we will try to work with you creatively to make you happy if possible if the course was not a good fit for you.

Yes.  The Complete Producer Bundle is designed as a complete and integrated producer education.  However the course may be taken individually and separately. 

Yes you can!  And many of our students tune into class from bus stops, trains, cars, and airplanes!  It's cool!

No.  All Videos are streamed, not available for download.

Yes.  LIVE training classes are limited to 20 students

Yes.  Practice sessions are available for download in a wide variety of genres, both electronic, organic and hybrid.

No,  This system works for any genre of music.  Our Mixing and Mastering courses we teach workflow, principles and advanced techniques of Mixing and Mastering that are applicable to any genre. Most of our students are EDM producers (some of them have reached top positions in Beatport charts), and music for film, ads and video game producers.

All the techniques shown during the course can be applied to any plugin-lines including stock DAW-plugins. All the examples are shown based on FabFilter, iZotope, SoundToys, UAD, Slate Digital, Plugin Alliance plugins. You can replace those plugins with alternatives of other developers/DAW stock plugins.

Most of the techniques shown on the course are applicable to any modern DAW that can host VST/AU/AAX plugins: Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live, Studio One, ProTools, FL Studio, Reaper etc.

Most of our students use their own tracks but if you don’t have materials we provide stems for Mixing and Mastering. We provide track stem in variety of different genres. Last two weeks of each Mixing/Mastering course is dedicated to mixing/mastering practice and shootouts: each student receives same stems and mix the track during two weeks, providing 1.0 mix version on first week class where we listen all the tracks and give feedback. On the second week students are submitting 2.0 mix that we listen during the class and give the feedback. Listening how different people mixed same track is highly beneficial for developing your mixing/mastering and ear training skills.

Yes.  Absolutely.  Many of our students work on headphones with no problems.

Yes.  We will provide you with proof of participation that will give you access to 50% off Fabfilter, Soundtoys, Izotope, and others.  (list)

Yes.  You will receive a certification of graduate from each course you complete.

Yes.  But that of course depends on your schedule.  Many people have successfully taken 2 coures simultaneously with great results.



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