Managing your kick and bass with FabFilter Pro-MB

music composition May 24, 2018

Today in our Mixing with FabFilter series we’re going to talk about how to mix a big fat low end.

Part of the secret is moving the bass out of the way of the kick drum. I used to do this with the Vengeance Multiband Sidechain, but recently I’ve found that I have more control when I use a simple multi-band compressor. My favorite is the FabFilter Pro-MB, because it lets me see both the frequencies of both the kick drum and bass as I’m working. Here’s how:

1. Throw a Pro-MB on your bass track
2. Run the kick drum signal into the sidechain of the Pro-MB
3. Turn on the sidechain view in Pro-MB, so you’re able to see the frequencies of both the bass and kick drum together
4. Move just the low end of the bass out of the way every time the kick drum hits

Now your kick drum and bass both have space, and you’ve cleared out the traffic jam when they hit together. Suddenly your low end becomes bigger, cleaner, and punchier.

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