FabFilter Pro R Explained

mixing and mastering May 24, 2018

This week FabFilter released their new Reverb plugin – FabFilter Pro-R.
Watch our new video tutorial that explains how this plugin works and how you can tweak your reverb 


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Managing your kick and bass with FabFilter Pro-MB

music composition May 24, 2018

Today in our Mixing with FabFilter series we’re going to talk about how to mix a big fat low end.

Part of the secret is moving the bass out of the way of the kick drum. I used to do this with the Vengeance Multiband Sidechain, but recently I’ve found that I have more control when I use a simple multi-band compressor. My favorite is the FabFilter Pro-MB, because it lets me see both the frequencies of both the kick drum and bass as I’m working. Here’s how:

1. Throw a Pro-MB on your bass track
2. Run the kick drum signal into the sidechain of the Pro-MB
3. Turn on the sidechain view in Pro-MB, so you’re able to see the frequencies of both the bass and kick drum together
4. Move just the low end of the bass out of the way every time the kick drum hits

Now your kick drum and bass both have space, and you’ve cleared out the traffic jam when they hit together. Suddenly your low end becomes bigger, cleaner, and punchier.

Watch FabFilter Pro-MB...

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Slate FG-Stress (Distressor) explained

Watch as Daniel Wyatt (Mixing and mastering mentor) does a walkthrough of the Distressor emulation from Slate Digital, the FG Distressor.


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Analog Warmth: Mixing Consoles

mixing and mastering May 24, 2018
It’s funny that we sometimes don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone — and then we spend lots of time and energy to get it back!  And we are really happy when we get it back.
That’s the story with analog warmth. When all there was were consoles and tape machines, everyone complained that the consoles “colored the sound” and that tape machines were too noisy and non-linear.  And that one day all of these “problems” would be solved in the all-digital age.
But as soon as digital music production began to mature, audio professionals complained that everything sounded thin, sterile, small, hard, and unpleasant.  Top producers and engineers longed for their colorful, saturating vintage gear that they once cursed.
And so it is. Now we have the best of both worlds.  Digital transparency with vintage character and analog warmth.
Tape, tubes, transistors, and transformers (the 4...
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Softube Tape Explained

mixing and mastering May 24, 2018

Softube Tape is a new tape saturation/compression plugin from Softube that brings great sound, intuitive controls and some unique features not found on other tape plugins like dry/wet and crosstalk controls.


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Slate Digital Virtual Tube Collection Explained

mixing and mastering May 24, 2018

Slate Digital recently introduced Virtual Tube Collection – great addition to their Virtual Mix Rack collection of API-500-like mix rack.
Virtual Tube Collection comes with 3 different flavors: Hollywood, London and New York inspired by classic vintage topologies and designs, and they all sound a little bit different.
They are very easy to use: each module has two different models: Preamp which is more flavorful and Console which is more conservative, but they both give a very nice tube color.
So if you are looking for even more distortion – there’s Normal/Push switch. Push mode gives more harmonic density and non-linear response.
Virtual Tube Collection is part of Slate Everything Bundle.

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How do you fatten and widen your bass?

music production May 24, 2018

Danny Wyatt here. Thanks for the awesome responses to the survey! Lots of great questions and thoughts, and a flood of topics for me to cover. I wanted to start with one of the more common questions.

Have you bought a bunch of plugins but your mixes and masters still aren’t sounding right? I want to help you get that pro sound from your own computer. Technology is changing fast, and I’ve spent the past year developing all-new techniques to layer in with my time-tested approach (I’ve been doing this for over 30 years). So let’s get started with the…

First question: “How do you fatten and widen your bass”?

Answer: Fatness really comes from layers of fattening, rather than one plug-in or one technique. A typical bass channel starts with a layer of tape saturation, followed by a musical compressor (usually an LA-2A with just a small amount of gain reduction), followed by a “technical” compressor like the Fabfilter Pro-C,...

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Soundtoys Delay Techniques: Crystallizer and PrimalTap

While Soundtoys most popular delay plugin is Echoboy, Soundtoys bundle contains two amazing delay plugins: Chrystallizer and Primal Tap that are underestimated by many producers. In this 1-hour long video from our recent webinar Daniel Wyatt explains who you can use those plugins in your projects showing inspiring examples of unusual effects you can’t get from your regular delay plugin.

Delay and modulation effects are part of the curriculum of Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Program and Next Level Mixing Online Course.

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10 Mixing Reminders

mixing and mastering May 24, 2018

1. Listen to a part of a commercial track before you start mixing….wav, mp3 or spotifiy is fine. not the whole song…just a piece to calibrate your ears

2. Take a 5 minute break for every 45 minutes of mixing….literally stand up and walk around or stretch….leave the room if possible
Don’t turn the volume up and down. Set a comfortable fixed level and leave it there for hours at a time.

3. Work on the kick and make a really good kick sound before proceeding. Build the mix to a good kick sound…even if it changes over the course of the mix.

4. Try to have three mix projects in rotation. Jump between them, rather than sentencing yourself to listening to the same track over and over and over again. Don’t work on the same track for over 4 hours in one session.

5. Add the mix buss limiter only after most of the dynamics have been set on the individual channels. Your mix should look good naked, before the steroids.

6. The mute tool is often more...

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SoundToys Sie-Q Explained

Uncategorized May 24, 2018

Soundtoys has recently released their new plugin (that was free for a limited time). It is emulation of an EQ found on vintage German console made by Siemens.
Here’s an in-depth look into this plugin and some ideas on how you can use it together with Soundtoys Rack and other excellent Soundtoys plugins:


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