• You want to learn Ableton Live on a deep and intuitive level
  • You want to make the most of your time by using Live as a sketchpad for capturing ideas quickly
  • You're not sure how to develop those ideas into a complete arrangement
  • You want to learn how musical structure and format are used to make a good arrangement into a great arrangement
  • You wish to develop additional strategies for realizing your creative vision
  • You want to get hands-on experience using every device in Live, and understand the 'when, why, and how'
  • You're dying to dive deep into Max For Live by getting your hands dirty with all of its devices
  • You hope to use hands-on experience to get the most out of every feature Live has to offer
  • You wnat to learn how Max For Live and can be utilized to inspire new ideas and make composition easier
  • You're not sure how to harness the technology in Live to help you find creative inspiration in virtually anything
  • You want to take the music out of your head, into Live, and bring it to the Next Level!

The Program is Divided Into 3 Courses



  • Navigate every aspect of Live’s UI without missing a beat
  • Learn how to use Live to record Vocals and live instruments
  • Understand the fundamentals of synthesis and sound design
  • Apply your understanding of synthesis and sound design to commercially popular VST and AU synthesizers
  • Improvise an arrangement from Session View to Arrangement View
  • Have proficient control over SessionView and understand why it’s useful for getting ideas into Live quickly.
  • Understand the critical differences between Session View and Arrangement View
  • Understand how Session View and Arrangement View compliment each other as starting and ending points for your production
  • Know all of Live’s instruments on a deep and powerful level.
  • Produce, Remix, or mashup tracks using Ableton Live
  • Learn the foundations of a good arrangement
  • Utilize those foundations to create a structured arrangement
  • Refine your arrangement into a finished song or instrumental using Live’s Arrangement View
  • Create custom sound effects using Live’s instruments.
  • Thoroughly Understand all of Live’s effects plugins.
  • Be able to build a complete mix using Live’s devices.
  • Build custom effects chains you can store and recall as individual effects presets.
  • Expand on those effects chains to build unique and custom glitch devices.
  • Master Live’s Groove Pool and use it for adding groove and flavor to your tracks.
  • Learn how to turn unfinished ideas into complete songs using Ableton Live
  • Get your hands dirty with Max For Live’s Midi FX and creative tools
  • Know how to combine Max For Live’s Instruments wtih Max’s MIDI devices to create complex custom instrument racks you can save and recall for production and sound design.
  • Use Max For Live audio effects to create new and unique effects that Live’s native devices don’t provide.
  • Utilize Max For Live to refine existing musical ideas or generate new ones
  • Learn how to utilize Live and Max For Live to add subtle variation listeners perceive as that ‘human touch’
  • Learn pre-production techniques essential for keeping the creative process fresh, productive and exciting.
  • Reduce creative barriers by learning how to use Live’s browser to significantly speed up your workflow for immediacy.
  • Understand how to create movement and excitement by diving deep into Live’s automation.
  • Understand the difference between creative automation and surgical automation, and how it’s often a crucial part of preparing your mix for the mastering phase.
  • Learn how to finish your track using Live’s devices to preview how your track will master.

"Justin is one of the most inspiring and knowledgeable teachers I have ever worked with. I had been teaching myself for a long time, and I knew I was missing a lot. In just the first few weeks with Justin, I started to understand his philosophy of production and my music started to take off. Thank you, Justin!"


"When I started studying with Justin, I already had been producing in Ableton for 5 years. Justin showed me his workflow and changed my whole game. The fact that he is fluent in so many production styles makes him the ideal teacher. And he loves to help people, and just has an awesome approach to making music that is really unique."


"He's just the dopest production teacher on the planet! I went to lots of other online music production courses where the teachers were dry and boring. Justin makes learning fun! And he totally knows what he is doing, and knows how to show it. I learned a ton in the first week!"


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