Composition Crossfit

(Advanced Composition Class 8-Week course.)

An Innovative and Gaming Approach to Strengthening Your Composition Muscles

 A Challenge-Based course using targeted obstacles to stretch composition skills and deepen sensory awareness.


Each week we will discuss a compositional concept and composers will be given a musical restraint assignment, the parameters of which will require them to rely on multiple senses and musical textures to complete the task.


At the completion of this course, composers will have written 8 unique tracks outside of their comfort zone.


Week 1: Theme and Variation

Week 2: Interval restraint

Week 3: Space and Silence

Week 4: Self made sounds

Week 5: Given Chord progression

Week 6: Temporary Modulations

Week 7: Skeleton

Week 8 String Quartet -Dealing with register

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The Next Level Sound Online Music Composition Course provides you with a proven system to create the melodies, harmonies and structure to build memorable tracks.

Starting with the music theory basics and going on a journey through composition and into orchestration, you will learn how chart topping tracks in any genre are created.

Through working alongside your mentor, Award-Winning composer Kristin Hevner, our students have gone from struggling to finish tracks to consistently finishing tracks that have gone on to major labels. The best part is that you can do that, too.

The secret to consistently producing commercial quality tracks is to have the right toolkit that you can access at any point of the creative process.

There is a systematic approach that you will learn at Next Level Sound which will become your secret recipe for success.

More about Kristin

Kristin Hevner’s compositions have been performed internationally and throughout the United States at venues from Carnegie Hall to Lincoln Center, Crash Mansion to Birdland and span the musical genres of classical and contemporary opera, symphonic music, electronic dance music, hip-hop, rap and atonal rock. 

Kristin’s opera, Il Sogno, a contemporary Italian-language opera based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, had its Italian premiere at the Teatro Communale Citta della Pieve in Umbria, Italy in 2004. Il Sogno had its NYC premiere in 2009 with Metropolis Opera Project and its regional professional company premiere with Opera Ithaca in 2015. The Metropolis Opera Project cast recording of Il Sogno was produced at NYC’s Clinton Recording Studio and the Opera Ithaca production was filmed for worldwide online release. Kristin’s additional operatic works include three works with librettist Royce Vavrek - The Wednesday Before Last (Musaic Concert Series, Crash Mansion; Metropolis Opera Project; Ithaca College Opera Workshop), Unsaid in a Field of Wildflowers (Opera Shorts, Carnegie Hall; Metropolis Opera Project; Ithaca New Music Collective; Ithaca College Opera Workshop) and Bully Pulpit (Metropolis Opera Project; Opera Ithaca), as well as One Hot Kitchen with librettist/playwright David Caudle (Metropolis Opera Project; Ithaca College Opera Workshop) and Epilogue (Metropolis Opera Project; Ithaca College Opera Workshop). Kristin’s commercial, film and tv work includes national commercials for GEICO and several indie films. A classically-trained pianist, Kristin composed and played musical accompaniment tracks for Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra’s Miraculous Relationships: 21 Day Meditation Challenge, available on CD and streaming on demand from the Chopra Center. 

Originally from Philadelphia, Kristin holds degrees from The Esther Boyer School of Music at Temple University, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and the School for Audio Engineering (SAE), NYC. As a steward of the performing arts and a stalwart contributor to the NYC contemporary music scene, Kristin serves as a Founding Director and the Resident Composer of Metropolis Opera Project, and has previously served on the board of directors for The Look and Listen Festival, an annual event dedicated to the performance of contemporary music in art galleries.

"I loved that I learned more about certain aspects of composition than in the 4 years of schooling I paid a lot of money for. While a lot of the course was a review, Kristin had experience in the real world writing music as opposed to my professors in the Academic world mostly teaching theory and sharing very little experience."


"Loved the music composition course! I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to take their Composition to the next level. Kristin was amazing and very helpful!"


"I'm a self taught musician, and although I thought that I had a good idea of theory, I pretty much knew only the basics. This course threw me in the deep end, but Kristin was there all the way to prevent me from drowning and my knowledge of theory has improved considerably."


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