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Next Level Sound Design I With Chris Petti

Join us for a magical journey to the world of Sound Design and Synthesis as it applies to modern electronic music….

While using some of the most popular and relevant sound design tools available today, this course is designed to provide you with portable knowledge and techniques that can be applied and used with the instruments of today and tomorrow.

The goal of this course is to instill in you the concepts and practical application of custom sound design techniques and skills all in the effort to help propel your music to the next level.

Sound Design I is now available for On-Demand viewing -- and its 8 hours of cutting-edge Sound Design instruction!

Serum - Kontakt - Massive - Ableton Simpler and Sampler and much more...

A few things to know about Chris:

  • He is a classically-trained musician from Berklee College of Music.

  • He is an official Ableton Certified Trainer.

  • He designed and taught the Sound Design and Ableton Live Curriculum at Dubspot, NYC and Online.

  • He has recently been working on Broadway with Tina Fey's Tony-nominated"Mean Girls"

  • He is the best Sound Design Teach on the planet!

Sound Design matters!  -- and it's part of any producers well-rounded education.

Here's the Curriculum.

Class 1 - In this first lead-off class we will be examining Subtractive synthesis structures, components, and concepts which will be the foundation for classes to come.

We will be examining and making practical sounds for electronic music with some of the top current software mono synths such as Uhe’s Repro-1 and Native Instruments Monark.

The content included is designed to be portable and translatable to whatever tools and instruments you have decided to incorporate into your own setup.  

Class 2 - Picking up where Class 1 left off, we will continue the journey with more advanced Subtractive synthesis structures and techniques focusing on polysynths and the plethora of practical sounds that can be created with them.

Highlighted instruments will include Uhe’s Repro-5 and the semi-modular Zebra 2, Lennar Digital’s Sylenth 1, and Ableton’s Analog.  

Class 3 - The focus of Class 3 will be on what can be considered the most popular synthesis method of today’s electronic music - Wavetable.

We will be exploring the underlying technology and approaches to making exciting, exotic, and otherworldly practical sounds with this essential synthesis method.

Highlighted instruments will be the legendary Massive by Native Instruments and Ableton 10’s own Wavetable  

Class 4 - The second part of our journey thru Wavetable synthesis will stray from using instruments with preset wavetables and explore the creation of custom and unique wavetables using Xfer Records Serum.

This class will tie a lot of ends together exploring wavetable creation as well as advanced wavetable processing and advanced modulation.  

Class 5 - This will be the first part of a 2 part journey thru FM digital synthesis. We will be examining and exploring the history, structures, components, and unique sound design capabilities associated with this powerful synthesis method.

This class will focus on the traditional approach to FM digital synthesis as it was originally designed for. Highlighted instruments will be Ableton’s Operator and Native Instrument’s FM8  

Class 6 - In the second part of this journey thru FM synthesis, we will be exploring and utilizing the benefits that the computer age have allowed for. We will be making practical and useful sounds using custom

FM structures, complex waveforms, and the hybridization with subtractive synthesis components. Highlighted instruments will be, once again, Ableton’s Operator and Native instrument’s FM8.

As with all the other classes in this course the concepts are designed to be portable so you will be left with a firm working knowledge of FM synthesis and how it may appear to a lesser degree inside some of your other favorite synthesizers.  

Class 7 - The final leg of our journey will focus on the most popular, useful, and powerful tool of the sound designer - The Sampler.

Many, including myself, consider the sampler to be an extension of the human ear where any sound that we hear can be used and re-interpreted to make truly unique sounds for our musical creations.

We will focus on looping techniques, multisampling, tuning, romplers, combining elements from libraries, and structures all while creating practical and useful sounds. Highlighted instruments will be Native Instruments modular Kontakt, Ableton’s Simpler and Sampler, and Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere.  

Class 8 - In our final class, which will be the second part of our journey thru samplers, we will be exploring and creating practical sounds using advanced techniques allowed for thru samplers.

On the menu will be Resampling some of our favorite soft synths, advanced phrase sampling, and Granular Synthesis. Highlighted instruments will be Native Instrument’s Kontakt, Ableton’s Simpler and Sampler, and Steinberg’s Padshop Pro   

Let's all get better educated about Sound Design! 

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