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Mixing Foundations

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Build a powerful mix
  • Use reference tracks to guide your mixing decisions
  • Know how and when to use different types of compressors
  • Set up a reverb matrix that actually makes sense and learn how and when to use rooms, chambers, plates and halls to create a 3-dimensional mix
  • Utilize your new engineering workflow to arrive at the right settings in the most direct and ergonomic way without mixing in circles
  • Mix entirely in the box with a warm, analog sound
  • Finish more tracks with the consistent professional level of the sound
  • Understand how and when to use vintage modelled gear or the more modern counterparts
  • Get the most out of the latest plugins like Fabfilter, UAD, Slate, Valhalla, Soundtoys and others
  • Be confident when performing essential mixing techniques: compression, eq, saturation, reverb and gain structure management

What People Are Saying:

“Before I started the course I thought I knew already a lot of things over all those years I’ve been doing productions. But already after lesson 1 I realised I was doing the same “mistakes” everyone does. So I’m very happy that I followed these courses because it gave me a workflow which I can stick too and which make my production, mixing and mastering a lot quicker and much more efficient!”


“I have been studying with Daniel Wyatt and using his techniques now for several years. I was really excited when Hardwell played one of my early tracks — and now Tiesto! Danny keeps me up-to-date with all of his new techniques and workflows — and it’s made all of the difference in my sound.”