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Composition Masterclass - Strings Technology I



We make your strings sound real!


Learn Realistic MIDI Strings Techniques


NEW DATES 2023 - May 5, 12, 19, 26 @ 2pm EST

incl. Open Office Hours Tuesdays @ 2pm EST


In this class, we will introduce techniques for realistic MIDI strings
using sample libraries. Learn all about choosing sample libraries and
being able identify parameters that can be exploited for ultimate
realism. Learn about the benefits and limitations of string sample
libraries. You will also learn about using MIDI controllers and how to
map them to appropriate parameters in order to perform and record
realistic string parts in your DAW. We will cover standard MIDI
controllers with knobs & faders as well as breath controllers, ring
controllers, and the latest expressive controllers utilizing MPE such
as the Linnstrument. No matter which sample libraries you own, you
will learn how to get the most out of them.


Week 1 - Intro and Evolution of Sample Libraries, MIDI CCS, Intro to Dynamics Performance Using MIDI Controllers

Week 2 - Short VS. Long Articulations, Spitfire and Aftertouch

Week 3 - Breather Control, Ring Controllers, East West Opus

Week 4 - MPE, MIDI 2.0, and VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library)


Instructor: Natalia Rakowski (Kennedy Center)

Hosted by: Kristin Hevner (Carnegie Hall)


Natalia's Bio:

Natalia is a multi-instrumentalist who began her musical journey with the cello. She has performed in many venues including the Kennedy Center.

Her extensive knowledge of technology and music led her to write about Linux audio production for Computer Music Magazine.

She is currently focused on composing and producing music in various genres including downtempo, synth-pop, IDM, pop, and alternative.

Her music blends organic and synthetic textures with her classical influences.


A Message from Natalia and Kristin:

"We will be focusing this 4-week course on how to get your MIDI strings not to sound like a synth pad!
Whether you're a string player or not, you'll learn techniques you can use in your DAW to get the most realistic result possible with the technology available and understand the limitations we're still facing."

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