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Composition Masterclass - Strings Technology II and Crossfit Practical Lab

Composition Masterclass

Strings Technology II

8 Fridays Live Online

September 23-Nov 11

2pm-2:50pm New York Local Time


Techniques for Realistic MIDI Strings


Natalia Rakowski

(Kennedy Center)


Kristin Hevner (Carnegie Hall)

In this combined class of String Technology II and CrossFit III (no prerequisites required) we will look at physical modeling, layering of different sample libraries, introduce templates & make a channel strip to glue the sounds together.

Each Tech Class will have a compositional lesson and assignments attached so students will have a chance to write a new piece using a new compositional technique that incorporates the new string technique.

Students will have direct feedback regarding their pieces and will be able to ask questions about the technology. 

Open Office Hours Tuesdays @ 2pm EST


Class Syllabus:

Class 1- Physical modeling

Class 2- Species Counterpoint: Species 1, 2

Class 3 - Intro to Templates

Class 4- String Articulations (how they color your piece)

Class 5 - Intro to Layering

Class 6 Species Counterpoint: Species 3, 4, 5

Class 7 - Putting it all together: layering physical modeling & sample libraries in templates & making a channel strip to glue the sounds together

Class 8- Motivic Development: How many ways can we alter our motivic lines? We will look into imitation, real and tonal answers, interval expansion, and tonality shifts.

Natalia's Bio:

Natalia is a multi-instrumentalist who began her musical journey with the cello. She has performed in many venues including the Kennedy Center.

Her extensive knowledge of technology and music led her to write about Linux audio production for Computer Music Magazine.

She is currently focused on composing and producing music in various genres including downtempo, synth-pop, IDM, pop, and alternative.

Her music blends organic and synthetic textures with her classical influences.

Kristin's Bio:

Kristin Hevner’s compositions have been performed nationally and internationally and span the musical genres of classical opera, electronic dance music, atonal classical and atonal rock.   
She has also composed music for national commercials including GEICO, as well as for several independent films and for programs on the BBC channel.  Her music has been performed at Carnegie Recital Hall, Birdland and in conjunction with programs from La Scala, Milan. Her piece The Raven (Edgar Allen Poe , Zachary James) received 10 film Wins and 8 additional nominations. 
Kristin is also Executive Music Producer for a new Pilot with Spotify and an active composer for the music library, Fliktrax. As Composer-in-Residence for the NYC-based opera company, Metropolis Opera Project, she penned four full-length contemporary operas that have been performed off-Broadway. She holds degrees from The Ester Boyer School of Music at Temple University, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York and the School for Audio Engineering (SAE), NYC.  She is head of the Composition department at Next Level Sound.

A Message from Natalia and Kristin:

We are combining two classes into one to provide tech training with immediate practical application.

We will provide feedback on your tracks and answer any questions you have while you are implementing the new techniques.

We will also be adding in some compositional theories to help strengthen your tracks.

Whether you're a string player or not, you'll learn techniques you can use in your DAW to get the most realistic result possible with the technology available and understand the limitations we're still facing."

Strings Tech I or previous CrossFits are not a pre-requisite but are available on demand for purchase!

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